OID Number - Information

English Matters OID code: E10206758 (*)
(*) Note:  Indications from SEPIE on how to enter English Matters as a Host Organization in the KA122 and KA121 application forms.
As the English Matters OID is associated with a Spanish address, Spanish applicants can enter English Matters by clicking on the "Add Host Organization without OID" button and entering the following information:
Legal name: English Matters S.L.
Country: You must select the country where you want to take our courses, for example: Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, etc.
City: Include the city where the course is held, for example: Dublin, Helsinki, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Oslo, etc.
Web page: www.englishmatters.org
Answer the following questions:
Is the organization a public body? No
Is it a non-profit organization? No

You can include a record for each country where you want to take your courses.

In the Activities section, they must include the type of activity "Courses and training", as well as all the information related to the courses they wish to take.

English Matters is a registered teacher training organization in Spain, so the OID required by the European Commission in its ECAS registration is necessarily associated with the legal address. This legal identification is unique and independent of the European countries where we implement our training programs.