About us

English Matters has been providing quality Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for in-service teachers and other educational staff since 1999. Our programmes are a fine example of European co-operation where innovative and effective methodologies are actively supported. English Matters’ programmes help European schools and institutes to effectively develop key competences by means of quality training strategies such as CLIL, Cooperative Learning, ICT for Teaching, Inquiry-based Learning, Project-based Learning, TEFL, ESL, English through Culture, Innovated Methodologies, etc., in several European countries; and course “Structured Educational Visits to Schools/Institutes and Training Seminars in Europe (Finland, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, etc.) which allow participants in their mobilities to get to know relevant aspects of Education in Europe and  exchange examples of good practice.

English Matters introduces a European Dimension in its activities and encourages international networking and the constitution of learning partnerships. This facilitates the exchange of professional expertise, either at school or institute level, or on a personal basis.

English Matters has a long-lasting experience in the design, implementation and promotion of programmes in the field of Education in Europe. Our standards, values and experience helps to tailor-made our training by matching persons, objectives, content and activities to suit participants' needs and expectations and providing inspirational learning experiences. Our Training Team is composed of experienced professionals (teacher trainers, course tutors, specialist speakers, university professors and lecturers, etc. The Executive Committee of English Matters is based in Spain and works with Universities and training bodies in Ireland, England and various European countries.