Structured Educational Visit to Schools & Training Seminars in Sweden


Location: Stockholm 

This structured course is designed for teachers, head teachers, principals and other school staff who would like to learn about the Swedish education system, which fosters an interest in democracy and citizenship, especially in the way students work and participate in school activities.

The course has a general focus on the Swedish education system although the pedagogic encounters with schools are focused on Primary, Secondary and Vocational levels. However, participants working with other educational levels may also benefit from the general approach of this course.

This 7-Day Structured Course efficiently combines pedagogic encounters with schools, seminars, workshops, and field projects “Contexts4Content” to places of natural, historical, and cultural significance. This will provide pedagogic insight for participants and ideas for development of teaching resources for their students. All these elements will help you to better understand the education and culture of a society that is based on the idea of making opportunities for success more equitable for students, regardless of gender or socio-cultural background.

Please note that this course should be included as a Structured Course in your Erasmus+ project.

For further information, please consult the reference programme for this course.




13 - 19 October, 2024 (7 training days)


09 - 15 March, 2025 (7 training days)

21 - 27 September, 2025 (7 training days)

Course fee

7 training days: 620€


It is highly recommended that participants arrange personal travel insurance for medical expenses, lost property, or any kind of accident occurring while travelling and during the course.

Cancellation Policy

-- Cancellation up to 30 days prior to commencement date: Cancellation Fee €250 per participant

-- Cancellation 30 days prior to commencement date or later: No refund.

-- There is no refund if a participant fails to complete the programme.