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Posted in 18/12/2020 by Marina Hernández
Spain / Ies Mariano José de Larra (Secondary)

RECEPTIVENESS AND PEER STRATEGIES TO AVOID CONFLICTMy Name is Marina Hernández Sarriá, and I'm an English teacher in Spain ( IES Mariano José de Larra). I'm writing to you because we are very interested in creating an Erasmus project based on peer mediation programs. Projects k2 as focused on sharing, developing and transferring innovative practices in education, and they include mobilities of groups of students. It would be based in schools and community-serving organizations that empower individuals to prevent, resolve, and transform violent and nonviolent conflict by developing the values, attitudes, skills and knowledge to envision alternative options for action towards building peace. The project is aimed at developing personal skills, and produce and practice with different learning activities. We are looking for partners who are willing to participate with us, in a project which will be focused in developing training notes, sample agendas.resource, learning activities including plenary sessions. discussions, workshops,creativity sessions, intercultural and interactive exercises applying non-formal education methods. As a final product we aim to create templates to initiate and develop a peer mediation programme for youth in our schools. Best regards, Marina

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