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TVIM (Typographic- language education)

Posted in 16/03/2020 by Umut Hallac
Turkey / USED (Adult)

The rapid development of competition and technology has made investments in language education mandatory in the globalization process. English, which is a common language, has an important place in the education systems of all countries. In order to take advantage of the opportunities in the globalization process, the project partners will make an important reference to the "Typographic Visual Memory Method" in Teaching English, short name TVIM. typography is the art of telling the word or sentence with a Picture. With TVIM, studies aiming at sustainability, comprehensive growth, developing human resources and teaching fluent and permanent language to our students will be carried out. Visual tools, used in foreign language teaching focus on colors, shapes and patterns. However, the TVIM method developed by our institution focuses on the written text with visual or text containing image. With the tools used in this visually rich method, a faster and qualified teaching process is experienced.

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