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Citizen 3.0 - A project on digital literacy for the Secondary School

Posted in 11/07/2018 by Eduardo José Ruiz García
Spain / Fundación Educación Alternativa 1826 (Secondary)

Citizen 3.0 - A project on digital literacy for the Secondary School

In the last few years, the world of education especially in the secondary level, is experiencing a revolution due to the impact that internet and electronic devices have had in our lives. Digital technology has had a huge impact in business, education and culture. As schools, we should ensure that our students understand and engage with digital skills, as it is vital for job creation, innovation, competitiveness and economic growth.

During two years, we will work on the topic of Digital Literacy through a KA2 project. With our project, we will develop our own "Citizen 3.0 Digital Citizenship Curriculum for Secondary Education” based on lesson plans which will be created in and tested during our project and implemented in our schools as a direct impact of our project.

We will analyze how to access online information from all different sources, potential risks (cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate information, addiction, damaged reputation), security on the web, etc. and how to use information from a legal point of view, avoiding plagiarism and teaching our students how to produce original and well-documented final products. This will empower and give them tools to get jobs easier in their own or other European countries. In short, we will all develop our “Digital citizenship” in a way which will help students and teachers alike learn to live in this new era.

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