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Better Teacher

Posted in 24/10/2017 by Anna Roszkowska
Poland / 172 Stefan Banach Primary School in Lodz (Primary)

Better Teacher

Since November 2016 the teachers in our school have been working on the project entitled "Better Teacher". It's funded by Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development ( Program Operacyjny Wiedza Edukacja Rozwój). As a part of the project eight teachers from our school took part in five courses, two of which took place in Dublin, Ireland and were organised by English Matters. They were: "English for teachers A2/B1" and "Methodology of Culture for theTeachers of English as a Foreign Language". Our colleagues have written about their experience in short stories which you can find on our schools' website- https://sp172lodz.edupage.org/.

Here are some text excerpts from their memories:

  1. "...The course aimed to develop our English language skills, our competence in English through Irish cultural framework ( particularly Anglo-Irish literature, Irish film, Creative Writing, Drama in Education, etc.). It provided us with a refreshing and practical look at current language teaching ideas and explore modern Irish life and culture. All of us were encouraged to share our own ideas and experience, and develop networks with participants from other countries. We had opportunities throughout the course to exploit Irish context by collecting relevant authentic materials, making contact with native speakers, interviewing local people, visiting traditional Irish places and talking to Irish visitors :)..."
    - Iza
  2. "...I have completed the course and the only thing I can say is : AWESOME !!! It was an extremely valuable experience for me. I have learnt a lot about Irish culture and made new friends from other European countries. I will recommend it to other teachers and encourage them to take part in this kind of experience."
    - Iza
  3. "...For the first time I participated in foreign training. I am very happy to be able to take part in it. I returned to Poland with new baggage of experience.In Ireland, I always met kind people. With great curiosity I learned the culture, traditions and history of Ireland. Much information was new to me. Together with my colleagues from school, we are going to use this knowledge and experience in educational program.I especially liked the opportunity of talking to other people in English...
    - Marzena
  4. "...I will always remember the words of the coordinator of our project, who said: "Don't be afraid of speaking English! Speak as you can! It doesn't matter whether it's correct grammatically or not". Furthermore, these words gave me a lot of confidence and desire to work harder on my language skills in the future..."
    - Monika
  5. "...It was a very valuable experience for me. I have learned a lot of new vocabulary, and made new friends from other countries. I could learn much more about Ireland, Irish history, art, music, sports."
    - Małgorzata

All of the participants came back more self confident and motivated to take part in such courses in the future. They have shared their experience with other teachers to make them aware of the opporunities that are provided by EU funded projects.

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