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We wish to help you to find partners for collaboration through European projects and partnerships.
You can send a message to prospective partners or find a project to join in. English Matters reserves the right to refuse content which might be considered inappropriate or which might include commercial advertising.

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  ecology / enviroment
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  mobility / exchange
  art / culture / heritage
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Italy / Secondary / ISIS ENRICO CARUSO
Hallo from Naples (Italy). I’m an administrative and financial director of a school situated in Naples. It’s a secondary school for tourism and administration. I’m looking for a secondary school in Instanbul to get an experience of Job shadow in th
Topics: adults, mobility/exchange
Carmen Portolés

Spain / Adult / EOI Lleida
The EOI Lleida has obtained the Erasmus+ accreditation as an adult education centre and is looking for partners to do job-shadowing activities and teachers' mobilities. In our school, students over 14 can study eight languages. Please contact us.
Topics: adults
Ancuta Cristea

Romania / Secondary / SC GIMN
Good evening! We are looking for partners to join a KA2 project on bullying that we intend to submit this March. We are a middle school from Transylvania and our Erasmus+ team is one with 10 year
Isabel Leo Rubio

Spain / Secondary / IES CAURIUM
Hello my name is Isabel and our High School in Extremadura, Spain is looking for partners/Schools for a KA1-KA2. Please contact me in in case you are interested. Thank you
Topics: secondary, vocational, ecology/enviroment, maths/science, mobility/exchange, art/culture/heritage, technology/ICT, sports/healthy lifestyle, inclusion/migrant, English/bilingualism/CLIL, social skills
Katarzyna Zmysłowska

Poland / Primary / Special Schools
The largest special school in Poland is looking for future partners for job shadowing as part of special and inclusive education! We just got accredited. Topics: inclusion, communication, ICT, wellbeing, outdoor education, teacher stress, ecology, En
Topics: primary, secondary, vocational, mobility/exchange, disability, technology/ICT, inclusion/migrant, social skills/self motivation
Mbel Vargas-Machuca

Spain / Secondary / IES LA PALMA
We are an acredited Erasmus+ Secondary High School since 2021 in Andalusia (Spain) closed to Seville, Huelva beaches and Doñana Natural Park. We are intersted in job-shadowing experiences for two teachers during a week in Spring. We offer you to visi
Topics: secondary
Richard Merelas

Spain / Other / JB Eguzkitza Meabe
Primary and secondary school in the north of Spain willing to undertake a job shadowing experience and see how you deal with diversity in class. Ready to host and show you how we work on coeducation! Write to
Topics: preprimary, primary, secondary
Nuria Monreal

Hello from Spain! We are interested in joining to do Job Shadowing, training course and students mobility. We are a primary school. Ages 10-12. Our main theme to work on is environment. Would you be interested to be our partner?
Topics: primary, ecology/enviroment, mobility/exchange, English/bilingualism/CLIL
Richard Merelas

Spain / Other / JB Eguzkitza Meabe
Hi! We are a school located in the Basque Country (North of Spain) that would like to put into practice a KA1 action (job shadowing). Our students' age is 2-16 years of age. How do you attend your diversity?
Topics: preprimary, primary, secondary, inclusion/migrant
Emily Sichari

Greece / Primary / 1st primary school of Kos
Hello everyone! We are a primary school from Greece and we're running an erasmus project on Environment and Healthy lifestyle.We're collaborating with schools from Spain and Slovenia at the moment. We are looking for partners from Brussels.
Topics: primary, ecology/enviroment, mobility/exchange, art/culture/heritage, sports/healthy lifestyle, inclusion/migrant

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