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We wish to help you to find partners for collaboration through European projects and partnerships.
You can send a message to prospective partners or find a project to join in. English Matters reserves the right to refuse content which might be considered inappropriate or which might include commercial advertising.

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  mobility / exchange
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umut özgürdal

Turkey / Vocational / gülserin günaştı mesleki ve teknik anadolu lisesi
Hello from TURKEY/ Mersin/ Tarsus I am a teacher of English from a vocational high school. Its main study area is health.We would like to carry out a project about reducing greenhouse gases in 2019 KA229. Let's carry out together.Kind regards UMUT
Topics: secondary, sports/healthy lifestyle
Seyithan zaman

Turkey / Adult / Vakfikebir Fen Lisesi
Hi everyone We are a project science school of 14-18 year old students , located at north-east of Turkey-Trabzon City.Looking for parterns of similar schools to share mathematics or else projects.Do not hesitate to mail me.
Topics: adults, maths/science
Nikolaj Sørensen

Denmark / Secondary / Skolen ved Bülowsvej
Hi, Danish school (primary and secondary) in Copenhagen spoiling for some action. We've got some Ka1 and Ka2 experience and are looking for partners..
Topics: primary, secondary, vocational, ecology/enviroment, maths/science, mobility/exchange, art/culture/heritage, technology/ICT, sports/healthy lifestyle, inclusion/migrant, English/bilingualism/CLIL, soci
Monika Sklińska

Poland / Primary / Szkoła Podstawowa
Hello! We are a small rural school in the south west of Poland in Sudetian mountains. We are experienced and hard working and reliable as a partner. We would like to join a new Erasmus k229 project with the students exchange. Our students are 7-15.
Topics: primary, secondary, ecology/enviroment, maths/science, mobility/exchange, technology/ICT, sports/healthy lifestyle
Sofie van Grinsven

Belgium / Secondary / Sint Ludgardisschool
Hi, We are a Belgian school looking for a school to participate in an exchange with another Spanish school this schoolyear. Topic: culture, history, language Age: 16-18. Two weeks: one in Belgium, one in your country.
Topics: secondary, mobility/exchange
Eduardo José Ruiz García

Spain / Secondary / Fundación Educación Alternativa 1826
Secondary school in Spain, experienced in coordinating KA1 and KA2 projects is looking for partners around Europe for a KA229 or KA201 project about Reading Promotion through Gamification for 12-16 y.o students.
Topics: secondary, English/bilingualism/CLIL
Valeria Ciamporova

Slovakia / Vocational / Spojena skola
I search for a school/educational organization that could guests for long-term Erasmus+ mobility–2-3 students aged 17-18 for 3-4 months in 2019/2020. We d´ like to enable Business Academy students to study and practice in an English speaking school.
Topics: secondary, vocational, English/bilingualism/CLIL
EOI Banyoles

Spain / Adults / Escola Oficial d'Idiomes de Banyoles
Adult state language school in Spain (EOI Banyoles) interested in joining a European Project (KA2) in 2019 on Culture (local festivities, food, dances, legends, etc.). We’d like to work with schools whose students are adults aged 18-60+.
Topics: adults, mobility/exchange, technology/ICT, English/bilingualism/CLIL
Valeria Ciamporova

Slovakia / Vocational / Spojena skola
Business Academy form Slovakia (age 15-19) is searching a French school for a small project "The World War I and the personality of General M. Štefánik"- with the aim to organize different activities (workshops, online materials, competiotions…)
Topics: secondary, vocational, art/culture/heritage, English/bilingualism/CLIL, social skills/self motivation

Turkey / Other / Mediterranean Health Manager Association
Dear All, We are a NGO from Antalya which called Mediterranean Health Care Organization. We can study health field and we have PIC number. If you search partner for your project please contact with me: nazife_sahan@yahoo.com/info@asid.org.tr

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