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Partner Finder Forum

We wish to help you to find partners for collaboration through European projects and partnerships.
You can send a message to prospective partners or find a project to join in. English Matters reserves the right to refuse content which might be considered inappropriate or which might include commercial advertising.

Ramazan günaydın

Turkey / Primary / Merkez İlkokulu
Hello We are a primay school. We have 210 children, aged betwen 5-11 years old with 15 teacher. Our school is in Samsat/ Adıyaman, wich is situated in the Soutestern of Turkey.We'd like to take part in an Erasmus Project KA2
Isaac Oneka Munanairi

Kenya / Vocational / Kenya Voluntary Development Association
We promote volunteering in communities through Primary and Secondary Schools in Kenya and looking for new partners
muhammet yiğit

Türkiye / Secondary / Hulusi Ucacelik Anatolian High School
Portugal, taly and Turkey are looking for a Spanish or Greek partner for a language learning project. Urgent!
Nikos Manolitsakis

Greece / Primary / 33rd Primary School of Heraklion, Crete
Our school is a Primary school in Heraklion, Crete.Our students' age ranges from 6-12 years old.We would like to be partners and we are interested in finding other partners from Scandinavia,Poland,Portugal, the U.K.,Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

izmir / turkey / Noselected / fatih ilkokulu gaziemir
URGENT for Ka2 on 29th March!!! Looking for a European Partner for "HAPPY SCHOOL (CYCLING LEARNING CENTRE)

Turkey / Secondary / Jan and Suphi Beyluni Anatolian High School
It is a Anatolian HighSchool located in Samandag,Hatay.We are looking for partners for our Erasmus+KA201.It is about renovative systems in education,we aim to transfer best practices related with use of teaching by topic and communicative teaching.

We are Finland ,Turkey,Romania,and Portugal and works on "Art and Creativity in Primary Schools" . We need more patners. contact person: seyma_altin@hotmail.com

Turkiye / Secondary / Öğretmen Zeynep Erdoğdu Ortaokulu
We have a ready project about traditional kids games which reflect Anatolian cultures.and we are looking for innovative and creative partners for our project . Our students are between 10 and15.if you are interested please contact with me.
h.ferda comlekoğlu

TR / Noselected / yunusbuyukkusoglu anatolian high school
Turkey / Primary / Eye primary We are Turkey Greece Italy and Spain and other countries we would like to join a ready k2 project. If you are intetested please let me know asap. Thanks
Dudu saygılı

Turkey / Secondary / Abdurrahim Karakoç Anotolian High school
ı ampreparing an Erasmus+ KA219 project and looking for partner schools around Europe. We are now 4 partner schools from Turkey, Romania, Portugal and Italia. Would you and your school be our partner in this project? Please contact with me.

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