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We wish to help you to find partners for collaboration through European projects and partnerships.
You can send a message to prospective partners or find a project to join in. English Matters reserves the right to refuse content which might be considered inappropriate or which might include commercial advertising.

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  ecology / enviroment
  maths / science
  mobility / exchange
  art / culture / heritage
  technology / ICT
  sports / healthy lifestyle
  inclusion / migrant
  English / bilingualism / CLIL
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Ruth Álvarez Menéndez

Spain / Secondary / IES Andés Bello
We are interested in partners to collaborate in a K01 proyect. It consists of the study of CLIL methodology, Spanish as a second language and the organization of thesetypes of high schools by job-shadowing. We are from Tenerife!
Topics: secondary, mobility/exchange, inclusion/migrant, English/bilingualism/CLIL
Jesper Hjuler

Denmark / Secondary / Vitaskolen
Hello,We are a Danish secondary school situated in the town of Esbjerg. We are looking for another school to participate in an exchange with our 8. grade aged 14-15 We would like spend a week at your schoool and we would love to host you for a week.
Topics: secondary
Sofie van Grinsven

Belgium / Secondary / Sint Ludgardisschool
Hi, We're a Belgian secondary school situated in Antwerp, & we're looking for another school to participate in an exchange. Topics: culture, history, language. Age: 16-17. We'd spend a week at your school, and you a week in Belgium. 01 & 03/04 2020
Topics: secondary, mobility/exchange, art/culture/heritage, English/bilingualism/CLIL

Turkey / Secondary / Secondary school
We are a big secondary school from Turkey and we would like to be in a new Ka229 project now. We are experienced school and took part in two projects before.We are eager to contribute to a new project.
Topics: secondary, mobility/exchange
emine ceyhan

Turkey / Secondary / Kocatepe Secondary School
Hi friends, I'm Emine from Turkey. I'm English teacher in a secondary school. We have students aged 11-14. We are working on a project about SCREEN AND INTERNET ADDICTION. We are all agree that screen addiction is a big threat for pupils. It affects
Topics: secondary
Dilek Tinbek

Turkey / Secondary / ogretmenler ve seker mevhibe ortaokulu
Greek , Türkiye and Portugal is looking for partners from Italy and Germany. If you want to join us please mail me. secondary school and pupils aged 11-14 . ıt s an Erasmus K2 project.
Topics: secondary, vocational, ecology/enviroment, mobility/exchange, sports/healthy lifestyle, English/bilingualism/CLIL, social skills/self motivation
Dilek Tinbek

Turkey / Secondary / ogretmenler ve seker mevhibe ortaokulu
Hello everyone.. as all other friends I m also looking for K2 project to be partner. From Türkiye, izmir, a successful secondary school that pupils aged between 11 and 14 .. why you should choose me?everything is made on time and I m the right one.
Topics: vocational, mobility/exchange, sports/healthy lifestyle, English/bilingualism/CLIL, social skills/self motivation
Ercan Çiçek

Turkey / Other / Muş Directorate of National Education
We will apply to Erasmus Plus KA2. The project is about tackling with early school leaving and it is almost ready. We would be glad to discuss more about it (maybe a new coordinator for the project and new partners too).
Nilay Erdil

Turkey / Secondary / Şair Fevzi Kutlu Kalkancı Ortaokulu
Hi!we are from Istanbul,Turkey.We re studying on a Ka2 project.We want to have qualified partners.The project is about sign language.Do you want to join us?If yes contact with me.
Topics: secondary, gifted students
Agata Kubinova

Slovakia / Secondary / IT school
Hello! We are a techical secondary school from Slovakia. Students are 15-18 year old. We are looking for reliable partners for our K229 project in ICT. If you are interested, write: ssknm.skola@gmail.com
Topics: technology/ICT

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