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We wish to help you to find partners for collaboration through European projects and partnerships.
You can send a message to prospective partners or find a project to join in. English Matters reserves the right to refuse content which might be considered inappropriate or which might include commercial advertising.

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Spain / Secondary / IES VALLE DE LACIANA
We are a Secondary School in the North of Spain. We are applying for a k122sch and we are interested in a mobility of students next course. Our project revolves around the idea of opening Europe to them and improving their linguistic competence.
Topics: secondary, mobility/exchange
Anna Crespiatico

Italy / Other / Pandora Cooperative
Hello! My name is Anna and I am an Italian school educator. If you are a European school and you work also with pupils aged 9-12, please contact me ASAP at my address, Our project is named “COoPING” Thanks!
Topics: primary

France / Secondary / Lycée Eugène Woillez
Hello, we are a high school in northern France and we are looking for partners to work on a project that would include local writers, the environment, culture and heritage. We would like students from the different countries to visit each other.
Topics: secondary, ecology/enviroment, mobility/exchange, art/culture/heritage, sports/healthy lifestyle, inclusion/migrant, English/bilingualism/CLIL

France / Secondary / Lycée Eugène Woillez
Hello, we are a secondary school in the north of France and we would to find partners to work on ELA but also the environment, local history. We can include Physical Education.
Topics: secondary, vocational, ecology/enviroment, maths/science, mobility/exchange, art/culture/heritage, technology/ICT, sports/healthy lifestyle, inclusion/migrant, English/bilingualism/CLIL, social skills

France / Secondary / Lycée Emilie du Châtelet
Bonjour, je suis professeur d'anglais au campus des métiers de l'hôtellerie et de la restauration à Serris à coté de Disney. Avec mon équipe, nous cherchons des partenaires dans le cadre d'un projet Erasmus de mobilités apprenantes et d'échanges.
Topics: secondary, mobility/exchange, English/bilingualism/CLIL
Funda Kömeç

Turkey / Secondary / Mehmet Vergili Fen Lisesi
Hello. We are a science high school in Turkey with students aged 14-18. We are working on an Erasmus project with student and teacher mobility. We are looking for partners. Would you like to join us?
Topics: secondary, ecology/enviroment, maths/science, mobility/exchange, technology/ICT, gifted students
Structured Educational Visit Iceland 22/04/2018

/ Course-sev-iceland-1804 /
English teacher from Spain Looking for JOB SHADOWING in NORWAY in 2022! Interested in observing and learning from schools running cooperative learning and project-based methodologies.
Structured Educational Visit Iceland 22/04/2018

/ Course-sev-iceland-1804 /
ERASMUS+ KA121: Spanish Secondary Edu. centre looking for HOST SCHOOLS in Ireland for TWO long-term mobilitites (2-12 MONTHS STAYING) starting in Sept 21. We'd also love to be host centre for your students.
Topics: secondary, mobility/exchange
Salvatrice Bellomo

Italy / Secondary / IC De Amicis - Giovanni XXIII
Hello! I'm Silvana, a teacher and a contact person for my school for the Erasmus+Project KA1. We're beneficiaries for the 2020 call. we're interested in practicing job shadowing in Finland

Turkey / Other / Islahiye Kız Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi
Hi from Gaziantep, Turkey, a multicultural society! We're making an Erasmus K210 project about Multiculturalism and we are searching project partners. We're a girl high school in İslahiye, Gaziantep. If you wish towork with us we would be very glad!
Topics: mobility/exchange, art/culture/heritage, technology/ICT, inclusion/migrant, English/bilingualism/CLIL

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