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We wish to help you to find partners for collaboration through European projects and partnerships.
You can send a message to prospective partners or find a project to join in. English Matters reserves the right to refuse content which might be considered inappropriate or which might include commercial advertising.

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  ecology / enviroment
  maths / science
  mobility / exchange
  art / culture / heritage
  technology / ICT
  sports / healthy lifestyle
  inclusion / migrant
  English / bilingualism / CLIL
  social skills / self motivation
  gifted students
Valeria Ciamporova

Slovakia / Vocational / Spojena skola
Business Academy form Slovakia (age 15-19) is searching a French school for a small project "The World War I and the personality of General M. Štefánik"- with the aim to organize different activities (workshops, online materials, competiotions…)
Topics: secondary, vocational, art/culture/heritage, English/bilingualism/CLIL, social skills/self motivation

Turkey / Other / Mediterranean Health Manager Association
Dear All, We are a NGO from Antalya which called Mediterranean Health Care Organization. We can study health field and we have PIC number. If you search partner for your project please contact with me: nazife_sahan@yahoo.com/info@asid.org.tr
melih kuzu

Turkey / Other / directorate of national education
We aim to share the experiences of teachers from different countries and to get to know different cultures. The topic of the project is about sharing good practises and experiences about 'The protection of cultural heritage'.
Topics: art/culture/heritage
George Paragioudakis

Greece / Primary / 16th Primary school of Rethymno
Our school is the 16th Primary School of Rethymno. Rethymno is a beautiful town at the centre of the island of Crete. As a school, we strongly emphasize experiential learning. . We would like to work as partners to any KA2 Erasmus programme.
emine asli oğur

Turkey / Primary / Çukurova İMKB Primary School
Hello, We are a primary school in Turkey and we are the coordinator. Our project is about kids and stray animals. We are aiming to raise our kids with mercy and respect.we are 5 and need1 more partner.
Fatma Deveci

Turkey / Secondary / Meryem-Mehmet Kayhan Ortaokulu
Meeting Of Peer Mediation Practices Hi all. We started using peer mediation training program to resolve student conflicts in our school. This program puts aside classical discipline methods and allows students to gain skills to solve their disagreem
Topics: secondary

Hello, I am Mehmet. We have an erasmus K229 proje for teaching mathematics. I want to partner with trustworthy schools. We want to partner with a middle school from Italy, Portugal, Spain. I am looking for schools where we can prepare a good mathema
Topics: secondary, maths/science

Turkey / Primary / Ballica Primary School
We are searching for reliable school partners for KA2 Exchange of Good Practices Project about Learning English with Games. Our aim is using games in language learning environment. #primary #mobility/exchange #games #gamification #languagelearning
Topics: primary, mobility/exchange, English/bilingualism/CLIL
ecegul ertungu

Turkey / Primary / Bahcesehir College
Hello everyone !! we are looking for reliable partners for our K2 project in primary school. The project is about how to use STEM-A at schools.If you interest in that please contact us ecegul.ertungu@bahcesehir.k12.tr
zeynep yolcu

Turkey / Secondary / ankara
We are looking for reliable partners for our Project K229 about Nature-based Education. We aim at using environment for pupils’ education.
Topics: primary, secondary, ecology/enviroment, mobility/exchange, art/culture/heritage, sports/healthy lifestyle, social skills/self motivation

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