Some comments from participants


"Thank you to English Matters for that perfect planned week!
I enjoyed it so much. I will take care of spirit of Erasmus+ and disseminate it. Thank you to all of these fabulous colleagues from all over Europe who talked to me. I am full of wonderful feelings, pictures and ideas! English Matters is a perfect working company! I enjoyed the time in Helsinki sooooooo much choose a course!!!
Greetings from Austria!"


"Let me tell you once more that attending your course was one of the best things I have ever done. It was an amazing experience which wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of your entire team. I will definitely apply for another course organised by English Matters."


"On Saturday I'm off to Limerick myself with a group of 15 adults, so I'm going to use all the information and knowledge I gained in your course last year. I often think of the very interesting two weeks and the nice people I met. Wishing you lots of success and best regards to everybody who remembers me."


"In my opinion the course was very interesting, very intensive. The lessons were very different, a lot of lessons in small groups, the pairs, many excursions to the museums, through the country. It was excellent. When i could take the time back i can relive this time again! Many thanks to everyone."


"Intensive course with a lot of work. The accommodation is very well located in the centre of Dublin. I liked the group work and the interviews. The cultural visits were pertinent and varied. A very rich experience for me."


"A truly motivational course :)"


"After one week of participating in courses, attending lectures and school visits I can sum up that this experience was great!
I will benefit from my experience in my classes because of the new approaches and insights but especially as I will encourage my students even more to become more involved with sharing this European feeling. The lecturers were well-chosen.
I really enjoyed the whole experience and every day there was a different approach or insight. All was very well-planned!!! "


"It was a wonderful time for me. In the beginning I was afraid because of my bad English but thanks to working in pairs and groups I felt comfortable, secure. As a professional i learnt a lot about my work and how to do it more attractive."


"This experience was really positive, “fantastic”! I met many nice teachers and I learned so much...I hope I could participate to another course of that kind!"


"Thank you for a very interesting summer course in Limerick. I am not the same Pirjo-Leena who left for Ireland one month ago... - and it's good!! My school doesn't have a Comenius project and our international group seems to be interested about your project. We are also always looking for new partners. In Limerick I understood that Finland needs co-operation with the south European cultures! I hope we have something to share as well. I wish you all the best, and thank you again for all the work you have done for the course of Limerick."


"After spending 2 weeks in Limerick coming back to normal life is very interesting. I am still confusing where I am, I didn't concentrated yet to my normal life :))) I like to say how I enjoyed to join the course, it was extremely different and unique experience for me in many ways. Not only about improving the language, but also about having a new friendship and seeing all the different cultural behaviour and differences was a very valuable experience. I really thank you for giving this opportunity with your program."

Katri Maria

"It's been nice to study ICT here in Dublin!


"I liked it a lot. Especially because of the great variety in participants’ origins. But not only because of that. I liked the training team a lot, you were all really nice and it was a great experience."

Ana Maria

"The course was very interesting. I learned so much about different subjects. It provided knowledge about Irish citizens, English language and methodologies of work. The course was well organised. The teachers and all staff it was very kind and professional. It was a pleasure to participate in this course!!"


"This course was a great opportunity to develop my speaking English skills."


(Czech Republic)
"It was a genuine pleasure to take part in the course. It was very interesting, inspiring and enjoyable. You did a great work organizing it.
Everything was perfect!!! :) "


"An unforgetable experience. Thanks a lot. I hope to be with you all sooner."


"Excellent, very well organised, excellent teachers and subjects. The best I have ever attended to!!!! Hope to be with you again!"


"That was perfect for me. That is what I expected. Tutors were patient, interesting and always enthusiastic."


"The course is very interesting to know teachers of Europe and contact with them to have a future project together. Is the opportunity of our meeting and is very good moment to practice English with them. The city Dublin is a lovely place to prepare this course because Irish people are easy and simpatic to talk with them. It is good to feel like a European citizen."


"I liked this course, because it promotes intercultural exchanges and the knowledge of other teaching methods."


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