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How to get to Dublin

Many different companies fly into Dublin. The two main airlines that serve Dublin are Aer Lingus ( and Ryanair ( Aer Lingus is the national airline. Dublin Airport is situated on the north side of the city.

Dublin is easily accessible by the Aircoach service from Dublin Airport, with departures outside the Arrivals gateway. Please contact the following website:

Dublin Bus also operates a shuttle service between Dublin Airport and the city centre, departures outside the Arrivals gateway as well. Service runs from 5:45 AM to 11:30 PM, at intervals of about 20 minutes. Journey time from the airport to the city centre is normally 30 minutes, but it may be longer in heavy traffic. For more information, please contact the following web site:

A taxi is a quick but more expensive alternative than the bus to get from the Dublin Airport to Dublin. A line of taxis waits by the arrivals gateway; the fare for the 30-minute journey to any of the main city-centre is about 30 to 40 Euro plus tip (tips don't have to be large but they are increasingly expected). Ask about the fare before leaving the airport.


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