Course Erasmus PLUS(+): Innovative Methodologies for Teaching & Learning

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Innovative Methodologies for Teaching & Learning


This course is included in the Erasmus+ programme.

English Matters's OID number: E10206758

English Matters'  PIC number: 947992544


Place: Madrid (Spain)

Description: This course is for teachers who feel the need to expand their teaching repertoire and would like to innovate their strategies with methodologies for 21st Century teaching & learning (e.g. Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Digital Competence for Teaching, Universal Design for Learning,  Game-Based Learning, etc). Participants will explore approaches, strategies, techniques, tools, and examples of innovative relevance, preparing them for the creation of materials, tasks and relevant experiences for their students, within an active learning environment.


Dates 2023:

  • 15-21 January, 2023 (7 training days). Madrid
  • 05-11 March, 2023 (7 training days). Madrid
  • 14-20 May, 2023 (7 training days). Madrid
  • 11-17 June, 2023 (7 training days). Madrid
  • 05-11 November, 2023 (7 training days). Madrid


Course fees:
7 training days: 620€
10 training days: 830€
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