Course Erasmus PLUS(+): ICT for Teaching (Ireland)

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ICT FOR TEACHING: A practical course to incorporate Information Technology into Teaching


This course is included in the Erasmus+ programme.
English Matters'  PIC number: 947992544
English Matters's OID number: E10206758

Erasmus PLUS(+)Guide

Location: Dublin. Ireland

Description: This course is specially designed for teachers who wish to start their journey into ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and incorporate their knowledge into the class. The objective of the course is to enable participants to introduce ICT into their classrooms and apply the skills acquired to make knowledge accessible through the use and creation of digital resources for teaching and learning. Participants will work with ICT tools for image and sound editing, collaboration, classroom management, online questionnaires, etc. This will lead to the creation of a safe and effective working environment that allows the creation of attractive and motivating digital materials for students. 

At the same time, by being immersed in Irish society, history and culture, participants will have the opportunity to take advantage of what Dublin and Ireland offer to the active perception of teachers working within the framework of an Inquiry-based approach. Thus, participants may explore the Irish context from the perspective of their subject while having the opportunity to process and express their learning by means of their newly acquired ICT skills.  

The implementation of this course is based on a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) approach in order to facilitate communication and collaboration among participants in an international course. To participate in this course a minimum B1 level of English is required.

Dates 2020:

  • 22-28 November, 2020 (7 training days)


Dates 2021:

  • 21-27 February, 2021  (7 training days)
  • 23-29 May, 2021 (7 training days)
  • 20-26 June, 2021 (7 training days) in Trinity College Dublin
  • 05-16 July, 2021 (10 training days) in Trinity College Dublin
  • 19-30 July, 2021 (10 training days) in Trinity College Dublin
  • 24-30 October, 2021 (7 training days)

Dates 2022:

  • 20-26 February, 2022  (7 training days)
  • 22-28 May, 2022 (7 training days)
  • 19-25 June, 2022 (7 training days) in Trinity College Dublin
  • 04-15 July, 2022 (10 training days) in Trinity College Dublin
  • 18-29 July, 2022 (10 training days) in Trinity College Dublin
  • 23-29 October, 2022 (7 training days)


*Note: 7 training day courses start on Sunday evening (16:00) and finish on Saturday afternoon (12:30 approximately). 10 training day courses start on Monday morning (09:00) and finish on Friday at noon (12:30 approximately).


Course fees:
7 training days: 490€ tuition + 130€ org.costs-field projects
10 training days: 700€ tuition + 130€ org.costs-field projects

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