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Online-based Course


General English


From the English Matters’ classroom to you, wherever you are. Our online programme has been created to resemble the essence of a face-to-face course in which you will learn online while feeling connected to a broader learning network. Designed for you, these courses will allow you to maximise your learning potential while bringing your new skills to your everyday life situation.

Let's start a new learning experience together!


Starting dates: Every week

Language of Communication: English.

Levels: A2, B1, B2 or C1

Modality of Learning: Standard, Intensive and Super Intensive options

Description of the course:

This online course is for adults in general who want to develop their skills in English (speaking, listening, reading and writing), with a special focus on oral communication, pronunciation and vocabulary. You will explore a variety of relevant topics for communication. The intensive nature of this course, with daily interaction, will allow you to use English in everyday life situations.

In this type of course you have the possibility to subscribe to individual weeks, both in the standard and in the intensive modality. 

The design of our programmes is based on meaningful practice and activation of knowledge. As a virtual learning programme, this course is an effective combination of the following elements:


  • Online live teaching: Daily interaction with your tutor and course colleagues, by video conferencing and live-streaming lessons. Our virtual platform will be a space for learning and sharing in a practical way.

  • Self-paced learning: You will also work within a flexible time frame, according to your own schedule. You will access a variety of interesting learning resources, tasks, and activities on a dedicated online learning platform.



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