Course Erasmus PLUS(+): Structured Educational Visit in Finland

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Structured Educational Visit to Schools & Training Seminars in Finland


This course is included in the Erasmus+ programme.
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This structured course is designed for teachers, head teachers, principals and other school staff who would like to learn about the Finnish education system, which is considered one of the most interesting in Europe.


The program is carried out during the academic period, when schools can show their daily life and how they function. The course has a general approach to the Finnish Education System although the visits to schools are focused on Primary and Secondary levels. However, participants working with other educational levels may also benefit from the general approach of this course.


This structured course efficiently combines pedagogical visits to schools with seminars and workshops, and field projects “Contexts4Content” to places of natural, historical, and cultural significance which will provide pedagogic insight for the participant’s school community and ideas for development of teaching resources for their students. All these elements will help participants to better understand the education system and the culture of the country,


Please note that this programme should be included as a Structured Course in your Erasmus+ project.


Participants interested in this course can choose between two modalities:

A) 7-day Structured Course in Finland (7 Training days in Finland).

B) Blended Learning Structured Course (Online sessions + 4 Training days in Finland).


The 7-day Structured Course in Finland provides a broad experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in Finnish society and culture while exploring the Finnish Education System from within.


The Blended Learning Structured Course will offer you more flexibility. During the 1st stage of the course you will learn from home about the Finnish Education system through online live sessions and autonomous learning time. During the 2nd stage, you will spend an enriching 4-day training period in Finland, where you will be able to combine your previous learning with the reality of school life.


For more information please consult the reference programme for this course.


Dates (7-day Structured Course in Finland):

04-10 October, 2020
18-24 April, 2021
25 April-1 May, 2021
03-09 October, 2021
24-30 April, 2022
02-08 October, 2022

Dates (Blended Learning Course):

Option 1:
3 Online sessions in November 2020
1 Online session in February 2021
4 training days in Finland: 27-30 April 2021
1 Online final session in May 2021

Option 2:
4 Online sessions in February 2021
4 training days in Finland: 27-30 April 2021
1 Online final session in May 2021

Option 3:
4 Online sessions in September 2021
4 training days in Finland: 5-8 October 2021
1 Online final session in November 2021


Course fees:
490€ tuition + 130€ org.costs-field projects


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