Course Erasmus PLUS(+): The CLIL CLUB (Spain)

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The CLIL CLUB: Content and Language Integrated Learning.


This course is included in the Erasmus+ programme.
English Matters'  PIC number: 947992544
English Matters's OID number: E10206758

Erasmus PLUS(+) KA1 Guide

Location: Jaén / Málaga (Spain)


  • 29 November - 5 December, 2020 (7 training days). Jaén
  • 08-14  November 2020 (7 training days). Málaga
  • 17-23 January, 2021 (7 training days). Jaén
  • 28 November - 4 December, 2021 (7 training days). Jaén
  • 16-22 January, 2022 (7 training days). Jaén
  • 27 November - 3 December, 2022 (7 training days). Jaén


Description: The CLIL CLUB is a course for Teachers who want to learn about the most important aspects of the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach. Hands on practice and key concepts will be blended into a dynamic methodology.
Participants will observe examples of good practice, will participate in lectures and workshops and will analyse up-to-date information about relevant and updated development of CLIL implementation in education. Practical ideas for classroom management and instruction, teaching techniques, lesson planning and materials development will be applied to a variety of subjects across the curriculum.


*Note: Courses start on Sunday evening (16:00) and finish on Saturday afternoon (12:30 approximately).


Course fees:
7 training days: 490€ tuition + 130€ org.costs-field projects

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