Cambridge Preparation Courses FCE and CAE (B2,C1)
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Cambridge Preparation Courses FCE and CAE

Target group: Adults in general / High school students / University students (all degrees).

Dates available: Courses dates are co-ordinated with the Cambridge Examinations dates in England and Ireland.

Places: England (Oxford-Wheatley); Ireland (Dublin).

Description of course: The course will help you to shorten your preparation time for examination and quickly reach a B2 or C1 level in a minimum of 4 weeks, depending on your level of English. Your tutor will continually monitor and assess your progress. The programme follows the Cambridge Examination Framework, which is aligned with the levels described by the European Framework (CEFR), and the training team is hugely proud of their students' success over the years. The course will focus on the Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking tests. Students will receive extra exam tutorials and practice exams on a regular basis. A number of teachers are qualified and experienced Cambridge examiners and will prepare you very well for the exam at the end of your course. In addition to the course, for students needing to maximize their time, extra tuition can be ordered on request.


Types of courses:



1) Cambridge Preparation Examination Course FCE and CAETell a friend
09.00-13h Monday to Friday. FCE or CAE preparation.


  • 04 January – 05 March (FCE) / 04 January - 19 March (CAE), 2021
  • 08 March – 04 June, 2021 (FCE / CAE)
  • 21 June – 27 August, 2021 (FCE / CAE)
  • 30 August – 26 November, 2021 (FCE / CAE)


FCE Application FormCAE Application Form


OXFORD (Wheatley)

1) Cambridge Preparation Examination Course FCE Tell a friend
09.30-13.00h Monday to Friday. General English Class.
14.00-16.30h Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. FCE Cambridge Preparation classes.

Dates 2021:

  • 10 May – 04 June 2021 (4 weeks) / 12 April – 04 June 2021 (8 weeks)
  • 02 August – 27 August 2021 (4 weeks) / 05 July – 27 August 2021 (8 weeks)
  • 01 – 26 November 2021 (4 weeks) / 04 October – 26 November 2021 (8 weeks)


FCE Application Form


Note: Material and exam fee are not included in course fee.


Click on APPLICATION FORM to get your REGISTRATION to our programme or contact us at for further information.




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