“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth”- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Dissemination in Erasmus+
Photo: Erasmus+ Course English for Teachers in Ireland

One of the key elements of Erasmus+ projects is showcasing the work that has been done. Sharing experiences, lessons learned and outcomes outside of the participating organisations will allow a wider community to be enriched and learn from a project that has received EU funding and promote the general objectives of Erasmus to improve and modernise the fields of education and training.

This process of dissemination begins in the host country where participants on our courses are encouraged to share experiences with a variety of teachers and education professionals from around Europe and the world. English Matters schedules opportunities into the course itineraries to promote and support these exchanges.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ‘nowadays the thing most often disseminated, or «spread abroad as though sowing seed,» is information’. This is a beautiful and apt metaphor for the teaching profession, as teachers are already often thought of as professionals who plant seeds. It is such a selfless profession that the teachers themselves often don’t get to appreciate the beauty of the budding, flowering or blooming process.

Projects funded by Erasmus+ are encouraged to develop strategies to disseminate and exploit the outcomes of their work having goals such as raise awareness, extend the impact, engage target groups, share solutions and know-how, influence policy and practice, and develop new partnerships.

It is extremely enriching to see participants take part in their disseminating journey throughout the time we all share together on English Matters’ courses. To see teachers from many different countries, cultures, subjects, and backgrounds come together and easily find common ground is very rewarding for everyone involved. All the superficial differences fade to the background as education, tolerance, understanding and unity pave the way for the subsequent and inevitable ‘scattering of seeds.’ However, dissemination is an integral part of the Erasmus+ project and should be planned before the project starts and continue throughout its lifetime and maybe even after the funding has ended.