Online English Courses for Teachers

Online courses for teachers

Improve your English from home

Thinking about teaching your school subject in English in the future? If English is not a language you normally use, you will probably need to practice first to feel more comfortable when speaking to your pupils in English.

Perhaps your English is rusty and you have been thinking about attending an English course to gain confidence, however, you find that most general English courses are not what you are looking for. What may suit you better, is an English course especially designed for teachers. A course in which teaching is the cornerstone of the programme.

This is the case with our English Language Couses for Teachers. In the last 20 years, English Matters has been delivering courses for teachers all over Europe. More than 700 international teachers have attended one of our English courses, improving their competences and feeling much more confident after having successfully completed the course.

Now, more than ever before, is the time of online learning. By listening to teachers’ needs, we have come to realise that some of you cannot avoid your responsibilities at home and travel abroad for one or two weeks in order to attend a course. Therefore, we have decided to transform our conventional English courses into an online learning programme. In this way, you will be able to improve your professional competences in English in an international environment, but from the comfort of your living room.

English Matters Online English courses for Teachers

English for Teachers (A2,B1): This online course is for teachers who have an A2 towards a B1 level of English and want to increase their communication skills. Click here for more information.

English for Teachers online course. Levels A2, B1.

Activate your English for Teaching (B1+, B2): This online course is for teachers with a high B1 or B2 level of English. Click here for more information.

Activate your English for Teaching Online course. Levels B1, B2