What is CLIL

CLIL course for Teachers

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is an approach to teach a subject through a second language. History, for example, can be taught to students in English and they will not only learn about History but improve English vocabulary and fluency. CLIL classes have a dual-aimed focus: language and content.

Benefits of CLIL Methodology

The benefits of CLIL have been well studied and documented and include improvement in learner performance, confidence in the target language, and critical thinking skills. Content and Language Integrated learning involves the merging of several teaching methodologies and strategies that come together in the 4Cs of CLIL, a focus that helps the student become competent in both the subject and the language of instruction.

Preparing a lesson

When talking about the 4Cs we talk about Content, the heart of the learning process is the starting point of any CLIL lesson and should not be compromised. As the language of instruction is not the native language of the students it must be supported by active Communication which sees the language as a tool for communication and learning focusing on fluency rather than form. Community building is important to foster tolerance and understanding of others while appreciating and accepting cultures of the world and of their own surroundings. This is all built on a strong Cognitive base involving the use of Higher Order Thinking Skills, Cooperative Learning, Scaffolding and the effective planning and use of both classroom and academic language.

Online CLIL course

Our online programme is practical and highly interactive where CLIL is supported by creative ideas, effective strategies and tools for classroom management, lesson planning, evaluation techniques and development of teaching materials. The intensive nature of this course with plenty of face-to-face interaction will allow participants apply their knowledge at a pace guided and supported by their tutors for effective incorporation into future classroom situations.

It is necessary to have at least a B2 level of English to take full advantage of participation in this course.

CLIL Online course for teachers