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For the past number of years, teachers have been faced with the challenge of using technology in the classroom and including it in their lesson plans.  Some have been easily able to merge these innovative tools with their established style of teaching, while others have struggled.

In our current teaching context, we are facing some uncertainty and the challenge of keeping our students engaged, motivated and enthusiastic about learning. This can be difficult in ‘normal’ circumstances, even more so when our students are not physically in the class.  Using ICT for Teaching (Information and Communication Technology) in your class is not just about ‘keeping up with the times’, it opens up a world that your students’ inquisitive brains are already familiar with while keeping them engaged and active in their learning.

Through different technological tools you can present content to your students in many different ways, giving them another way of looking at the same information and in that way, make it more attractive and accessible to different learning styles. Not everyone learns well by reading or studying a text. Some need images, other need to hear a voice, some need to experiment. By using engaging and interactive materials your students can apply their knowledge in different contexts and the need to mindlessly memorise will be greatly reduced.

We react quicker and retain more information when the content we consume is visual; images, videos, interactive activities all effectively engage our emotions and this influences our information retention and in many cases, allows concepts to make sense more easily.

Some teachers steer clear of technology fearing that it is time consuming and laborious, or that what is available online is expensive and unsecure. It really doesn’t have to be and in many cases, materials are already created for you and are free to use. From catchy presentations or audio-visual resources for your students to user-friendly assessment tools or classroom management tips. You will be inspired by what you see available and feel connected to a wider teaching community, where everyone has the same goal: help their students learn.

ICT for Teaching Online Course

Our ICT for Teaching online course is designed for teachers of any Education level that wish to start their journey into ICT. There is no need to have previous knowledge but be prepared to learn how to use ICT to support learning and teaching in a very practical way. The course is developed in English and it is necessary to have at least a B1 level of English to take full advantage of participation in this course.

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