Memories from Dublin by Marzena Bartosik (Poland)

In May 2017 I participated in the “English for Teachers” course of the Erasmus + Project, which in our school is realized under the title “Better Teacher” and is funded by Operational Programme “Knowledge Education Development” (PO WER).
For the first time I participated in a foreign training. I am very happy to have been able to take part in it. I returned to Poland with a new baggage of experience.

In Ireland, I always met kind people. With great curiosity I learned the culture, traditions and history of Ireland. Much information was new to me. Together with my colleagues from school, we are going to use this knowledge and experience in our educational program in the future.
I especially liked the opportunity to talk to other people in English. I remembered the words of our coordinator who said that communication is the most important thing. It is not a problem if we make mistakes in pronunciation. We came here to learn the language, so we can’t be afraid of speaking English. So I tried to speak. Some participants knew the language better, others – worse. But everyone helped each other.

There was also much attention paid to the manner of conducting classes. The teachers started with easier tasks. Each day we had more and more difficult exercises. All types of activities required our involvement . I really liked the game “Discovering Dublin – The Treasure Hunt”. Thanks to her I got to know Dublin better. I also expanded my vocabulary concerning food, drink, hobbies and leisure.

During the meetings we exchanged experiences with other participants of the course. We talked about education systems, culture and traditions in our countries. We found out that there are some similarities and differenced but there was one thing that was common – we have the same problems with the students and their parents.

At the end of the course we exchanged addresses. Maybe in the future it will result in cooperation…

Marzena Bartosik