Our experience studying the education system of three European countries (Spain, Iceland, Finland) by Theodora Kostelidou (Greece)

A group of three teachers at 1st EPAL (Vocational School) in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece had the opportunity to attend a training course, which was organized by the English Matters organization, in three European countries (Spain, Iceland, Finland) under Erasmus + project, action KA1 in 2016.

The training focused on the study of the educational systems of these countries, in order to integrate best practices and innovative methods, both at school administration and teaching level as well.

theodora_kostelidouSomething that few years ago seemed like a dream, has now become true: the experiences acquired were disseminated and are still being disseminated to colleagues, not only in our school, but in other schools, too. They have become the roots upon which the tree of creativity at our school environment could blossom. They have led the way to mobilize other members to dare similar training courses, in order to upgrade education and educational system, to improve conditions at workplace, to create new contacts and to exchange ideas and aspects with European colleagues.

The ultimate goal is the feeling that all teachers should share, whatever country they live in. The feeling that every day all of us struggle for a common goal, to educate and train our students.

The experience of the English Matters organization on topics of teachers’ interests, the ability of its coordinators to create an intimate and friendly atmosphere among members of numerous groups and the feedback that was asked from participants during and after the training, served as a catalyst to the success of all programs.

I would like to wish to the members of English Matters community to continue their work with the same vigor, thus giving the opportunity to European teachers to enjoy their services.

Best Regards,

Theodora Kostelidou (Greece)