Photowalk – Baeza

This is the result of the photowalk activity carried out by participants in our Erasmus+ courses held in Jaén (Spain) last November 2016, in Baeza (UNESCO Heritage Town). Participants expressed their impressions about the place, its culture, its people, its traditions, or simply made a reflection about their experience.

IMAG1960Eva Vovka. Latvia
Hold your head up and you will see the world
I had so many emotions and impressions, impossible to show in one picture.

Congratulations to Eva Vovka, from Latvia, winner of this photowalk competition!

domestic-violence-UbedaClaudia Parisi, Italy (Colombia)
Domestic violence
From Plaza Vázquez de Molina – Ubeda
Hoy día internacional de la “violencia de género “
La cinta por fuera de las rejas… tenemos que liberarnos de esta prisión…
20161123_093329Caterina Salvia – Italy
“Light and shade in Baeza”
Light-and-ShadesStefania Zanfrisco
Light and Shades
This photo has been taken into ‘The Sacra Capilla of El Salvador del Mundo’ in Ubeda.
CIMG7450Katarina Tocciova
This picture remind me of some unreal place in the past, the cathedral’s tower covered by fog,and then you see a real life – yellow leaves in this tree and clean shape of these buildings turn you back to the real life. It’s so mystic to see these two worlds to exist in such a small place, the ancient world and the modern one,the history and present days….
WP_20161123_12_31_28_ProIrena Karszniewicz
Misterious bowl
I wonder who knows what is it?
Autum in BaezaSILVIA GERACI (Italy)
Autumn in Baeza
20161123_094325Paola Irene Lo Grasso, Italy
“A Cherubin”
20161123_120209Geanina Preda-Vilcu,Romania
Moon at Midday
IMAG1425Agata Dworak, Poland
Baeza’s reflection at the shopping window
DSCN1764Maria Magdalena Dziejma, Poland
The Saint with the bird
Picture was taken in Ubeda. The Saint is a figure from Sacra Capilla of El Salvador del Mundo.
My picture from Ubeda
20161123_104755img-20161123-wa0013Ghirardini Tanya
CLIL Club after working during the week

The first photo shows a lot of people not going to eachother…at the first day of our course!
The second one ( that with a lot of colours ) are the participants of the clil club after working during the week…
I feel me welcome !
Thanks to everyone