Your institution’s application to Erasmus+ KA1 have to be original and contextualized

dibujo-caras“Because we are all different, we have different needs”
The evaluation of your Erasmus+ (KA1) grant application will be done on the basis of the specifics of your institution, your professional context and your own training needs.

Important aspects to be considered:

  • Your school’ needs.
  • Your individual needs as teachers and your training needs.
  • The connection with the aims of the training.
  • The impact on your students, on your school, on the educational and the professional community.
  • The European added value of participating in an European professional development course and how you plan to disseminate your learning in the course to help others.

It is expected that every applicant institution should have different needs and aims, depending on their school’s context, their students, their staff’s personal and professional situation, etc., and that is why you should differentiate from other applicants in your own country by giving a personal response rather than a standard one to the sections of the application form.

You should not simply copy and paste our recommendations and examples but work with them to adapt them to your own situation in order to make your institution’s application really original and contextualized.